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For more than 125 years, title insurance has been protecting American homeowners.  The purchase and sale of real property makes real estate the nation’s largest market. These transactions are not without risk, however.  


As a real estate property buyer, it is important for you to protect your investment and the ownership rights associated with it by purchasing an owner’s title insurance policy, along with the loan title insurance policy that your mortgage lender will require you to purchase.


An owner’s title insurance policy protects your interest in the property, while a loan title insurance policy protects your lender’s interests against covered title defects.  An owner's policy will provide protection from any title problems that may surface after closing your transaction. These issues may include errors in public records, unknown liens, illegal deeds and missing heirs.


Keep in mind that a property's history can affect your right to own a home. Every property has a history and a thorough title search is necessary to uncover any title problems that exist.


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Scott R. Condray is an Attorney and a Licensed and Bonded Abstracter and Title Insurance Agent assisting clients with contracts, deed, mortgages, title insurance, abstracting, and closings, from the simplest transaction to the most complex.

Attorney's Title Company and Republic County Title Company offer abstracting and closings in Cloud and Republic Counties and Title Insurance in Cloud, Republic, Clay, Jewell, Washington, Ottawa and Mitchell Counties. To order Title Insurance, please contact Lavonne at 785-243-1357 or email your order HERE.

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