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By condrayth13571337, Aug 16 2016 10:01PM

Sometimes sending a child away for college requires a great deal of preparation by the parents. Of course, parents often shoulder the financial burden with savings plans or through loans. In addition, parents often help their student with arranging bank accounts, renting apartments, and dealing with transportation issues.

An often overlooked problem is the inability of parents to act on behalf of adult college student children who are away. A child’s hometown medical or pharmacy records may not accessible to parents, when the child has medical circumstances. Parents may be prohibited from conducting financial transactions on behalf of the student. Hometown school records may not be available to the parents.

These problems may be alleviated by establishing a power of attorney for mom or dad. A power of attorney can allow the parent to act in place of their student. Let the attorneys at Condray & Thompson, LLC, use their legal expertise to help you draw up the documents that will enable you to assist your child with these issues.

By guest, Jun 10 2016 02:35PM

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